Volunteer Recognition Brunch

Westfield Senior Center Honors Volunteers

The Westfield Senior Center’s annual Volunteer Recognition Brunch was held curbside this year.  Volunteers with more than 30 hours of service during the past year were honored with a delicious take-home meal, signs of appreciation displayed throughout the parking lot, and heartfelt thanks from the Council On Aging staff.  Entertainment for the event was provided by local musician Ed Bentley, who volunteered his talents, via Westfield cable Channel 15, WPCP.

Photos feature:

COA Clerk, Mary Cohutt and Activities Aide, Agnes Fleming

Jeanette Fletcher,  Barbara Sokolowski,  Jacqueline Armstrong,  Barbara Coleman, Chris Mariani, Alice Dawicki, Jane Chapman, Debbie Defeo, Theresa McMahon and Les Hutton, COA Kitchen Staff, Joann Spear and George Sfakios, Liz Boucher, Joelle Thibodo, Sisters, Cathy Berry and Camy Crick , Leah Gibson, Mark Wilson